Strategic Energy Review (SER) Project


During unprecedented circumstances, exceptional decisions should be taken; this was the approach of the wise leadership of Sidpec Chairman and CEO, Eng. Mohamed Ibrahim who took the decision to start the Strategic Energy Review (SER) Project to develop a site-wide utility model, apply a BT benchmarking, perform a gap analysis, and identify improvement opportunities to close the gap.

Sidi Kerir Petrochemicals Co. (Sidpec) started the Strategic Energy Review (SER) Project with KBC a Yokogawa Company in last September 2020 and a wise decision was taken to work on the project in phase-basis.
Phase 2 started on March 14, 2021 and some savings were successfully realized on ground in the first week of phase 2 which will continue to about 12 weeks till develop the roadmap for implementing the identified improvement opportunities and implement some of them to achieve savings and accomplish a more economic production in Sidpec plants.
Phase 1 which was completed in January 2021 has a great impact in the four dimensions that were addressed at the beginning of the project including energy efficiency improvement, process optimization, culture change and capacity building while some more efforts are addressed to have an impact on digital transformation to build a model for digital twin in the near future.
Important numbers of phase 1 including 53 identified opportunities that were classified as quick wins, low investment, and large investments opportunities. The estimated savings for all identified opportunities reaches more than 300 million EGP per year.

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