Energy efficiency and renewable energy in the petrochemical and plastic industries


On the 25th of August, the fourth round of training sessions was concluded and delivered to engineers from the plastic's industry and to SIDPEC clients. The training continued for 3 days and encompassed  "Motors, Compressed Air, & Pumps Systems Optimization" within the framework of the new peer-to-peer networking partnership aiming to foster energy efficiency and renewable energy in the petrochemical and plastic industries that is being carried out by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) collaboratively with Sidi Kerir Petrochemicals Company (SIDPEC). The training was delivered by 6 energy experts from SIDPEC who were certified by UNIDO in the realm of Motors System Optimization, Compressed Air & Pumps System Optimization to 19 other engineers coming from 4 different manufacturing enterprises. The training sessions come as part of the training series entailing diverse energy aspects, motors system optimization, compressed air, and pumps system optimization catered for SIDPEC’s clients as well as SIDPEC’s sister companies in the petrochemicals sector with the holding company’s sponsorship and support. More trainings will be delivered by SIDPEC energy experts accredited by UNIDO to tackle solar water heaters in the industrial processes.
This partnership aims to build technical capacity, and exchange expertise in the realm of energy efficiency as well as providing technical assistance and feasibility studies that factories from plastic and petrochemicals sectors can use to optimize their energy efficiency and cut down costs. This has in fact been conducted through kicking-off the networking process amongst a total of 31 engineers representing a total of 13 manufacturing enterprises from the plastic industry  in addition to 10 local energy experts from SIDPEC accredited by UNIDO. Throughout the second phase of this partnership, technical assistance and energy audits will be provided  to implement diverse energy efficiency  initiatives and projects to reduce costs  for participating industrial enterprises.